Camel Safari

Camel Safari is ranked as one of the most popular adventure activity in Ladakh and has attracted tourists not only from domestic regions, but from all parts of the world. It comes as no surprise to see Camels thronging outside their natural habitat of Thar deserts as one can see them in plenty in snow laden regions of Leh and Ladakh as well.

Ladakh is famous for its unique dual hump Camels, named as the Bactarian camels as they are seen gushing around all regions of Leh and Ladakh. They have distinctively adapted themselves to the climatic conditions in the region. Earlier known by the name “Real Camels”, they were famous for riding and transportation purposes back in the Silk Route during the 17th century. Camel Safari can be particularly enjoyed in the Nubra valley. The exciting tour ends at Panamic village which is popular for its hot Sulphur springs. With a single ride taking just about 2 hours to complete, the Camel Safari is most suited for travelers to enjoy between the months of July and September.

A little insight into the Bactarian camels give us some interesting view of the lifestyle flourishing in Leh and Ladakh. These camels are predominantly herbivores and the two humps help them in storing fat, to sustain long trips amidst the rugged terrain. To this day, Ladakh has around 300 Bactarian camels who are successfully tamed to offer safari experiences to tourists with great zeal.