It is nearly impossible to picture a scenic landscape without imagining beautiful lakes in the vicinity. Ladakh too has a number of splendid lakes, popularly known as ‘Tso’ amongst the natives. The crystal clear lakes take the beauty of the enchanting panorama of Ladakh to an all- together different level and promises an awe-inspiring view that appears like a dream to every traveler.

The cold deserts of Ladakh are blessed with three beautiful lakes, namely the Pangong Tso Lake, Lake Tsomoriri and Lake Tsokar. Period between May and September is the best time to visit these lakes as they remain frozen for the latter part of the year and are used as roads. The elaborate information provided in the proximity of each lake gives away a great deal of information about its location, altitude and adventure activities that can be carried out during that time.

For those of you who have watched 3 idiots, it is inevitable to miss the view of the beautiful Pangong Tso Lake that is ideally situated along the boundary of India to Bhutan. Situated at an altitude of 4,350 m, the crystal clear blue water lake is an instant hit amongst tourists. It is amazing to see the brackish water of lake change color as the sunlight falls on it. The surface of lake becomes solid during winters, during which annual ice skating gals festival is organized every year that displays the culture and lifestyle of local population.

Another popular lake is the Tsomoriri Lake which is the largest lake in Ladakh, situated at a height of 15,075 feet. It lies adjacent to the Korzok village that is famous for its Buddhist monastery. Seeing the beautiful lake reminds us of a colorful canvas with blue-white skies, spread over the entire horizon and clear blue water. Thirdly, the Tso Kar Lake is known as the twin lake as it is brimmed with both fresh and salty water.