War Memorial

A Trip to Leh and Ladakh is just incomplete without a visit to the Hall of Fame museum and War Memorial, constructed in reverence to the soldiers who were martyred during the war between India and Pakistan. Built on an incredible high altitude location adjacent to the Leh airfield, the Hall of Fame is a true mirror that reflects the lives of Indian Army as they braved in such difficult conditions and fought for their country.

Apart from this famous memorial, Drass Memorial is yet another memorial that attracts large chunk of tourists every year. It was built in the fond memory of Indian soldiers who laid their lives during Operation Vijay in the fight between India and Pakistan in 1999. If not for the purpose of tourism, the place is worth a visit to pay utmost respect to the immortal souls of the brave Indian sons. Built of pink sandstone, it has a museum that encompasses an exquisite collection of army emblems, a replica of the Himalayas and a detailed archive. The wall is beautifully adorned with names of the soldiers. Star attraction is a special War Gallery, named Captain Manoj Kumar that includes actual photographs and weapons from the war scene. The entrance is marked with a beautiful poem penned down by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan.

Another war memorial, Rezang La War Memorial is situated ahead of Chushul town. It was constructed in the fond memory of soldiers of 13 Battalion of Kumaon Regiment during Indo-China war in 1962. Chushul War memorial is situated between Rezang La War Memorial and Chushul village. All these memorials truly depict the sacrifices made by brave Indian soldiers to safeguard the integrity, honor and sovereignty of India.